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Since 1998, Quality Lab Consulting has been assisting major industrial and specialty gas companies in the area of instrumentation and quality assurance in the laboratory. Instrumental needs assessment, assistance in configuration, setup and training are but a few services provided to our clients.

Recent projects in the gas technology field include assisitng gas manufacturers, fillers and purifiers with varied analytical problems. These projects utilize Gas Chromatography, FTIR Spectroscopy and Dedicated Analyzers.

A background in Quality Assurance and the ability to travel worldwide further our ability to supply superior service to our clients.

Our Goal:
It is our goal to assist clients in attaining their objectives in the areas of Laboratory Instrumentation and Operation and Quality Assurance by accepting challenging assignments that take maximum advantage of our capabilities and experience.

- A.J. Alban, Quality Lab Consulting
Quality Lab Consulting has assisted clients with projects both here and abroad including equipment specifications and purchase, configuration and laboratory training. After the equipment or lab modification has been performed, Quality Lab Consulting can assist in personnel training, establishing equipment maintenance schedules or procedures to ensure product quality.

An automated gas chromatograph setup in Texas using an Agilent HP5890 gas chromatograph and EZ-Chrom Elite software for acquisition and control.

Agilent HP5890 is a trademark of Agilent Technologies, Wilmington, DE, USA. EZ-Chrom Elite is a trademark of Scientific Software, Pleasanton, CA, USA.
Quality Lab Consulting
goes to the
People’s Republic of China

quality lab consulting china
A.J. Alban with some local tourists

At the Great Wall

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A.J. Alban is a member of: American Chemical Society and American Society for Quality

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